Hat Style Guide

When selecting a hat consider the proportion of your face shape and body to find hat styles that complement you. While every face is different, most can be grouped into one of six general shapes. Take a look through these descriptions to work out what best suits you!


Face Shape : Oblong

Bella Blu Hat Face shape Oblong

Definition  - Face is longer than it is wide.  Fairly straight lines running from temple to jaw & a round chin.

Aim - Find harmony by evening out the length of the face and provide more width. Crown of hat covers ample portion of forehead, sits low on forehead.  Wide brims, especially ones that are turned downwards.

Perfect Hats

  • Medium-wide brims
  • Fedoras   

Avoid - Tall hat crowns.  Narrow or flat brims as they emphasis the length of your face.



    Face Shape: Round

    Bella Blu Hat Face Shape Round

    Definition - Symmetrical face. It is about as wide as it is  long with a wide forehead and full checks and rounded chin.

    Aim - Balance out with a more angular hat that creates length. You can easily wear asymmetrical shapes, such as hats with a high crown, peaked or slanted brim and slanting your hat forward. These details will all give great proportion and shape to a round face.

    Perfect Hats

    • Fedoras
    • Round crown sun hat
    • Pork pie
    • Trilby
    • Boater

    Avoid - Anything low to the head or rounded as this accentuates the roundness.


    Face Shape: Square 

    Bella Blu Hat Face Shape Square

    Definition - Square jawed with a wide forehead and wide cheek bones.

    Aim - Soften the crisp lines of the face and add symmetry with a curved silhouette, something rounder and asymmetrical will be flattering and balance out the sharp jawline.

      Prefect Hats
      • Fedoras 
      • Bowler hat
      • Round crown sun hat 

      Avoid - Sharp lines and short brims, Pork pie, Trilby's


      Face Shape: Heart

      Bella Blu Hat Face Shape Heart

      Definition - Wide forehead with a sharp chin.

      Aim - Balance is achieved by slimming the forehead to make it appear more narrow. Any short-medium in length brimmed style hat will achieve this and be flattering.

      Perfect hats

      • Fedoras
      • Sun hat medium brim
      • Pork pie
      • Trilby
      • Boater

      Avoid - Avoid wide brims as this will make the forehead appear even wider. 


      Face Shape: Oval

      Bella Blu Hat Face Shape Oval

      Definition - Perfectly symmetrical face.

      Aim - All hats work for you. Hats should be worn straight across the head or forehead.

       Perfect Hats

      • Any hat

       Avoid - Nothing 


      Face Shape: Diamond 

      Bella Blu Hat Face Shape Diamond

      Definition - Widest at cheekbones, narrow forehead and tapered chin. 

      Aim - A moderate to wide brim will accentuate the positive features of your angular face. 

      Perfect Hats

      • Fedoras
      • Medium-wide brim sun hats
      • Boaters

      Avoid - Round and short brims




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