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The Bella Blu Hat Case was designed for people who relish life and enjoy colourful and enriching experiences.  Our unique design protects your hats and makes transporting and storing them effortless so you can wear your hats more often whilst enjoying living the life you want to live, with sun protection taken care of.

This must-have accessory is crafted from black diagonal textured weave fabric, lined in black cotton polyester mix, trimmed with smooth black faux lambskin leather and has a silver covered zip up closure. Designed to provide both protection and versatility, the Bella Blu Hat Case has two hidden removable inserts that enable the case to be fully collapsed when not in use.  See below for instructions on how to collapse and rebuild your Hat Case.



  1. Protects your hats whilst taking up minimal storage space.
  2. Perfectly sized to easily store three hats, of the same style or different hat sizes, with brims measuring 11cm or under.
  3. Designed to fit into standard airline overhead lockers, under seats and in your large suitcase.
  4. Lightweight with long handles making it comfortable to wear over your shoulder.
  5. Fully collapsible when not in use with two removable inserts (see the guide below on how this works).
  6. Handy see though mesh pocket for a moisture absorbing gel pack to keep moisture away from your hats and to store your small items when out on the go.



      Width: 42 cm, about 16.5 inches; Height: 42 cm, about 16.5 inches; Depth: 19.5cm, about 7.7 inches; Handles: 58 cm, about 23 inches; Weight: 1.5 kg; Available in one size only.



      Bella Blu Hat Case

      1. Empty the case of any hats.
      2. Unzip the crown area of the case. Push down the center crown area closest to the handles, to reveal the crown insert.
      3. Find the place where velcro holds the crown insert ends together. Separate the two ends and slide the insert fully out of the crown area.
      4. Now unzip and open the main case body. The inner sides of the base also have an insert that can be removed. Separate the two ends of the insert and fully pull the insert out.
      5. You now have a collapsed Hat Case!



        1. Pull up the sides of the outer crown area of the Hat Case leaving the top sloping downwards towards the handles.
        2. Take the large crown insert piece and slide the pointed end into the gap between the outer fabric and lining of the crown area. Curve the rest of the insert around the inner crown area. Then pull the insert through the gap and slide it around until you can join the two ends of the insert together with velcro.
        3. Push the center crown area upwards from inside the hat case, until it pops up above the insert and is flat. Close the zip around the crown



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